Top 10 substrate for kuhli loaches [2022]

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1. ReptiChip Compressed Coconut Chip Substrate for Reptiles 72 Quart Coco Chips Brick Bedding (Breeder Block)

  • 🐍 CREATE A HEALTHY HABITAT for your ball python or iguana with ReptiChip Coconut Substrate for reptiles. Its superb humidity retention helps form a tropical paradise in turtle and reptile terrariums.
  • 🐍 72-QUART COMPRESSED BRICK equals 10 lbs of safe, comfortable reptile bedding for professional breeders and serious hobbyists. Just add water to moisten and our pet snake substrate is ready to use.
  • 🐍 ODOR-ABSORBING ReptiChip Coco Substrate encapsulates waste product, making your gecko, python or turtle bedding a healthy environment for your pet and ensuring your own home is pleasant-smelling.
  • 🐍 100% ORGANIC coco chips are highly sustainable and earth-friendly. ReptiChip Breeder Block has been meticulously cleaned so it is a dust and dirt free hermit crab or ball python snake bedding.
  • 🐍 VERSATILE BIOACTIVE SUBSTRATE can be used as reptile or tortoise bedding. Its multifunctionality makes it an essential addition to your ball python tank accessories and hermit crab supplies.

2. Natural Cholla Wood for Aquarium Decoration, Shrimp, Hermit Crab, Chew Toys for Small Pets (4 Inches Long(Pack of 3))

  • Three pieces of Cholla Wood.
  • 100% Natural and Organic.
  • 4 inches long, 0.5 – 1.5 inch diameter.
  • Great for aquarium decorations, mounting plants or moss.
  • Attracts biofilm which is the main food source for shrimp.

3. Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter

  • Absorbs and deodorizes food odor
  • Helps keep food tasting fresh, longer
  • Easy-to-apply suction cup sticks to most refrigerators
  • Flow-through vented design for max odor control
  • For best results, replace every 30 days

4. Zoo Med Creatures Creature Soil – 1 qt, Black

  • A blend of natural materials such as peat moss, soil, sand and carbon designed for use as a substrate in insect based terrariums. Helps to maintain humidity and encourages creatures to burrow and dig.
  • Age range description: All Life Stages
  • Included components: Product in Description
  • Package Dimensions: 5.8 L x 22.2 H x 13.6 W (centimeters)

5. Josh’s Frogs BioBedding Tropical Bioactive Substrate (10 quarts)

  • NO CHANGING BioBedding for years when used in combination with microfauna like Springtails and Isopods; saving you time and money
  • CLEANER ENVIRONMENT for your pet due to the bioactive cycle, decreasing the risk of bacterial disease
  • ATTRACTIVE and NATURAL appearance because it is closer to replicating your pet’s native habitat than traditional substrates
  • LIVE PLANTS will grow well in BioBedding which are safer than plastic for pets with delicate skin
  • Looking for bioactive substrate for your desert dwelling pet? Try Josh’s Frogs BioBedding Desert Bioactive Substrate

6. Mosser Lee ML1110 Desert Sand Soil Cover, 5 Pound

  • Improves the look of house plants by covering soil.
  • Suitable for decorative use in clear vases, dish gardens and terrariums.
  • Improves water drainage.
  • Loosen heavy or compacted soil.
  • Convenient size is easy to carry and work with.
  • Desert sand soil cover
  • Helps protect and retain moisture
  • Adds a great look to all potted plants terrariums and indoor gardens
  • Especially attractive with succulents and in rock gardens
  • This product contents 5 pounds
  • Desert sand soil cover
  • Helps protect and retain moisture
  • Adds a great look to all potted plants terrariums and indoor gardens
  • Especially attractive with succulents and in rock gardens
  • This product contents 5 pounds

7. Aqueon Bottom Feeder Tablets 3 Ounces

  • Ideal for bottom dwelling fish
  • Nutritious food ingredients that fish are naturally attracted to
  • Formulated so that fish utilize more of what they eat and create less waste
  • Supports a healthy immune system, brings out their true colors and provides the essentials for proper growth and vitality
  • Will not cloud water when fed as directed
  • Ideal for Cory Catfish, Loaches, Axolotls and Geophagus
  • Approximately 11mm in diameter

8. FANTIAN Black Natural Decorative River Pebbles – 5lb 1-2 Inch Black Ornamental River Pebbles for Garden Landscaping, Home Décor, Outdoor Paving, Fountain Decoration.

  • 【GIFT FROM NATURE】 – Thesestones are non-toxic, environmentally friendly and high-quality stones. Theseriver rocks are formed naturally over a long period of time, so there will beno problems such as fading. These river rocks are round and have some specialshapes. Every stone is different..
  • 【APPROPRIATE SIZE】- we could have used machines to select stones, but we choseto manually select stones of suitable size for customers. These stones are between 1 inches and 2 inches. Whether used indoors or outdoors, these decorative river stones All are very suitable.
  • 【GIF TFROM THE PLACE OF ORIGIN】 – Decorative River Pebbles are a giftfrom nature. We just filter, polish, and send river pebbles to you. Machineshave stricter standards for selecting stones, But every stone is unique. Inorder not to bury the characteristics of each stone, we specially lowered theselection standard for this. Thank you for your choice, let every stone gowhere it should go. Every stone is like our kids. Although we are reluctant toleave it, we think it should go where it should go.
  • 【WIDE APPLICATIONS BEYOND YOUR IMAGINE】- Ordinary polished stones are closer to nature, anddecorative river stones can be used in garden decoration, home decoration,outdoor paving fountain decoration and other places. You can also use yourimagination to use these river stones, and you can combine them with differentstones. I believe you will have better ideas. We are also happy to see youshare them with us when you use these river stones.
  • 【PURCHASE CONSIDERATIONS】 – Our decorative river stones are suitable for home and school use. They can be used for indoor and outdoor decoration, garden landscaping, fish tank beautification, road paving and other purposes. Of course, they can also be used for DIY creation. We send every gem where he should go, but at the same time we also care about the customer’s feelings. If you are not satisfied with our decorative river stone, we will provide you with a 100% refund.

9. Mighty Mint Insect & Pest Control Peppermint Concentrate – Makes 1 Gallon – Natural Formula Kills and Prevents Spiders, Ants, Flying Insects, and More

  • Proven Safe and Effective – Quickly Kill and Repel Insects in the Real World
  • Concentrated Formula for Powerful Protection
  • Each 8oz Concentrate Makes 1 Gallon Repellent Spray
  • Made with Premium Natural Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Great Value for Refills

10. Aqueon Plant and Shrimp Aquarium Substrate 5 Pounds

  • Available in 5-pound bag
  • Great option for a variety of freshwater plants, shrimp, snails and tropical fish

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