Top 10 snail eating fish [2022]

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Comparison Chart of Top 10

1. WorldwideTropicals Live Freshwater Aquarium Fish – (12) Zebra Nerite Snails – 12 Pack of Zebra Nerite Snails – by Populate Your Fish Tank!

  • Algae Eaters! – Great Tank Mates For Fish, Plants, and Shrimp
  • All shrimp and inverts are shipped Monday – Thursday via an expedited service for a lesser fee than our overnight service.
  • Take advantage of our flat-rate shipping policy by buying multiple items per order and paying only a single flat-rate!
  • Search “WorldwideTropicals” for our current in-stock listings! All items Items shipped out by WorldwideTropicals are hand-packed, and handled with care.
  • All fish go out in an insulated box, with a heating element included to keep the fish warm.

2. Snail Repair Cream 2.53 oz, Face Moisturizer with Snail Mucin Extract, All in One Snail Repair Cream, Recovery Cream, Korean Skincare, Wrinkle & Blemish Care by Mizon (2.53oz 75ml)

  • Outstanding skin regenerating effect – 92% snail secration filtrate
  • Fine wrinkle care by adenosine & peptide, certified for anti-aging
  • Good for blemish care and pore care
  • Skin repairing, tone correcting and firming. Dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.
  • Experience improvement on your skin with highly enriched all in one snail healing cream

3. The Soul of an Octopus: A Surprising Exploration into the Wonder of Consciousness

  • Atria Books

4. Toledo Goldfish Live Trapdoor Snails for Ponds, Aquariums or Tanks – USA Born and Raised – Live Arrival Guarantee (25 Count)

  • ✔ RELIABLE SHIPPING DIRECTLY TO YOUR DOOR – Trapdoor snails ship within 48 hours of your order for arrival Tuesday through Friday. Please see shipping information below for more details.
  • ✔ HEALTHY SNAILS WITH LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE – Step by step acclimation instructions will be included with your order. We stand behind all our products and will ship replacements or refund your purchase if necessary.
  • ✔ BORN AND RAISED IN THE USA – All Toledo Goldfish snails are born and raised on a family farm in the USA.
  • ✔ UNIQUE LIVE TRAPDOOR SNAILS – Trapdoor snails add unique variety and can help keep your aquarium, tank or koi pond clean!
  • ✔GREAT FOR BEGINNERS – Snails are hardy and recommended for beginning new aquariums, tanks or ponds. Please note the pictures shown above are a good representation of our snails, but not the exact snails you will receive.

5. Imperial Tropicals Mystery Snail Combo Pack – Gold, Black, Albino, Ivory, Blue – Pomecea bridgesii – Great Algae Eating Tank Cleaners! USA Born and Raised!

  • Mystery Snails are 100% aquatic but can survive out of the water for a short period of time!
  • We do recommend having lids on your aquarium as these can crawl out.
  • Can grow upwards to 2″ in size.
  • Completely safe with plants, shrimp, and fish.
  • Live arrival guarantee! See below for full details.

6. 5 Horned Nerite Fresh Water Aquarium Snails by SevenSeaSupply

  • Horned snails are generally tiny in size less than 0.5 inch, a lot smaller than other aquatic snails.
  • Select SevenSeaSupply as seller at for 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Please select an expedited shipping for best result and condition of live snail if your overnight local weather is below 50’F
  • Order thru SevenSeaSupply for Guaranteed live delivery. PLEASE NOTE WE SHIP ONLY MONDAY-TUESDAY. OTHERS ORDER WILL BE SHIP THE FOLLOWING WEEK. Shipped via USPS Priority mail 2 – 3 business days (insulate box). 100% live arrival guarantee, Pictures are for references only. Each snail’s shells and color are diverse and totally unique!
  • Pictures are for references only. Each snail’s shells and color are diverse and totally unique!

7. Generic,Mystery Snails x3 (Pomacea Bridgesii) Large Mix Pack – Live Freshwater Snails

  • GREAT ALGAE EATERS – Mystery snails are great at consuming algae. Not only are they fascinating creatures to keep in your aquarium, but they also have the ability to maintain your aquarium algae free.
  • VERY PEACEFUL – Mystery snails are safe to keep with any shrimp, plants, or non-aggressive fish.
  • AMAZING COLOR VARIETY – Mystery snails come in a variety of colors such as – Blue, Gold, Ivory, Purple, Green, Magenta, Chestnut, Black, and Albino.
  • 100% LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEE! – See bellow for details.
  • ATTENTION – WINTER NOTICE – For the safe arrival of your snails, please select PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING at checkout. With this shipping method, they will be delivered within 1-3 days. Live arrival guarantee gets voided if priority mail is not chosen at checkout.

8. SevenSeaSupply 3 Zebra Nerite Fresh Water Aquarium Snails

  • USPS announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on transportation availability, USPS fulfillment facilities, local mail residential delivery, all services area will experience delays delivery or take longer in transit. We’ re now only do livestock shipping on Sunday and expecting delivery 3 – 4 business days by Thursday or Friday of the same week and still offer live guarantee at delivery. Orders receive after cutoff time on Sunday will be pack and ship out the following week.
  • Shipped Monday and Tuesday only via USPS Priority 2 – 3 Business days. Packed with insulated box and ice pack during Summer. Satisfaction Guarantee 100%
  • Pictures are for references only. Each snail’s shells and color are diverse and totally unique!

9. Aquatic Arts 3 Live Ivory Mystery Snails Freshwater Aquarium Scraper / Nano Fish Tank Filter / Glass Clearing Snail | Natural Decor

  • One of the largest Plant safe freshwater snails, mystery snails have lively personalities and make great Aquarium pets! They complement all fish Tank decorations quite nicely.
  • This natural aquarium clearer helps wipe off aquarium glass, freshwater plants, and aquarium decorations.
  • They can grow to over 2 inches – one of the largest freshwater snails in the aquarium hobby. Other than biofilm, they eat leftover fish food such as Cory Food.
  • Ivory mystery Snail shells are a striking Cream color, and their bodies are white and iridescent. They are completely peaceful and make great tankmates to most fish, including kuhli loaches.
  • Basic Aquarium accessories required, such as an aquarium pump (E.G. Inline water pump). all Aquatic Arts Plants and animals come with a 100% alive arrival guarantee, plus free email support!

10. (10) Pack of Trapdoor Snails Live for Aquarium Pond or Fish Tank

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