Top 10 rock for cichlid tank [2022]

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1. PINVNBY Aquarium Stone Hideaway Decoration,Resin Cichlids Rock Decor Realistic Betta Hideout Shelter Cave Fish Tank Ornament for Shrimp Short Bream Crayfish(L)

  • ✔High Quality Materials:Cichlid stone cave is made of resin material,non-toxic,hard,solid,sturdy,and non-pollutant.It doesn’t pose harm to your aquatic animals nor create any ill impact on water quality.Prolonged soaking will not cause fade.Perfect for freshwater and saltwater aquariums.It is does no harm to small reptiles.
  • ✔Product Features:The resin rock caves have a flat base,can sit stably at the bottom of the fish bowl without floating on it.Hideout habitat is smooth and without any sharp edges,won’t scratch your fishes.The hollow caves can let small fish and shrimp shuttle back and forth in the inside.Provide a hideaway for your pet to hide,play,rest and breed,helps to reduce boredom and aggression.
  • ✔Add Scenery To The Aquarium:The aquarium decoration stone hideaway has many holes for small fish to swim through,fish will get more fun.It looks like real rocks,make your aquarium looks vividly,create a natural and living environment for fish and change your aquarium into a beautiful scenery.And reptile will love it too.It can also be used as ornaments in our home,increase the breath of nature.
  • ✔Specification Size:Aquarium stone hideaway decor size is approximately 7.1 x 3.3 x 6.1inches/18 x 8.5 x 15.5cm.Suitable for small bream,short bream,shrimp,cichlids,crayfish,betta,scallops and hermit crabs or other small fish.
  • ✔Easy To Clean:Just wipe with warm water and rinse when cleaning the aquarium ornament.Please wash it before using!

2. ALEGI Aquarium Tree Stump Hole for Betta Fish Toys,Rock Cave Cichlid Stone Betta Fish Accessories 10, 20 Gallon Fish Tank Decorations, Aquarium Rocks Decor

  • The product is ceramic material, not easy to fade, no harm to fish, climbing pet, no pollution, you can rest assured to use.
  • Imitate the shape of the tree trunk, improve the appearance of the aquatic environment of the aquarium, add a natural atmosphere.
  • Multiple hole design, easy to observe, for pet fighting fish or other small fish to hide, rest, play, breeding.
  • Easy to clean, clean with water 2-3 times, no fade.
  • Dimension: 5.3” X 4.5” X 3.3”(L*H*W), Suitable for fish&reptile tank.

3. AQUA KT Aquarium Landscaping Tree Stump Hole Rock Cave Cichlid Stone for Fish Tank Decoration

  • Fashion Style in your aquarium decoration, can be combined with other ornament naturally.
  • This tree stump with fine carved making that can display realistic in the fish tank.
  • Aquarium Rock Cave can create more interesting to your fishes, such like gold fish, cichlid, betta and so on.
  • Made of resin material, high quality and durable use in aquarium.
  • Product Size: 4.72” in Length, 5.12” in Height , each package include 1 PCS Aquarium Tree Rock.

4. 3 Pieces Rock Aquarium Decorations, Stackable Cave Aquarium Decor, Betta Fish Tank Accessories Hideout Hidden Stones Ornaments, Fish Rock House Hideaway Tunnel Fish Cave for Aquarium Shrimp Cichlid

  • 3 Types in 1 Set: This package includes 3 rock aquarium decor in different sizes and shapes, place them any way you like and they can provide a house for your fishes and a visual feast for you, make your aquarium lively and vivid
  • Good Quality: Made of ceramic material with the function of filtering and purifying water, the fish cave for aquarium is odorless and can be used in both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. With smooth surface and edges, do not scratch your fishes
  • Easy to Stack: Designed with a flat top for stacking, these aquarium rock decorations can be stacked on the ground of fish tank or with other rocks and aquarium decorations in various sizes, and you can angle the holes in any direction
  • Easy to Clean: You can just simply wash the stone aquarium decorations with water and a brush when they are dirty. No need to use soapy water to wash them, which may not good for your fish
  • Fish Tank Decorations: These aquarium decoration rock caves can both simulate the natural habitats and create an unique scene, good cave for your fishes to swim around, hide, breed, play and rest

5. 5 Pack Stackable Aquarium Decoration Rock Caves- Ceramic Fish Tank Hideout Cave Stone Ornaments in 5 Styles Professional Betta Cave Hideaway Tunnel for Territorial Fish Shrimp Cichlid Hiding Breeding

  • Smooth Edges: The surfaces and interior of our 5 pieces of stackable aquarium decoration rock caves are all smooth and have no rough edges, thus your fish can swim freely in the water without worrying being hurt.
  • Stackable Design: With flat bottom and light weight design, our ceramic hideaway hollow stone can be stacked on the ground in your fish tank to create an unique scene as well as provide more fun for your lovely fish.
  • Ceramic Material: Made of high quality ceramic material, the stackable aquarium decoration rock caves are natural and breathable, which will help purify the water and provide a healthier living environment for fishes in your tank.
  • Various Sizes: There are 5 pieces of ceramic hideaway hollow stones in the package, and all of them are different in shapes as well as in sizes, ranging from 2.4 inch to 5.3 inch, sufficient for your fish to play and swim around.
  • Tank Decor: With safe ceramic material, unique stackable design and simple stone grey color, the 5 pieces of aquarium betta hideout caves will be an eye-catching decor and add a pop of artistic feeling to your fish tank.

6. 2 Pieces Stackable Aquarium Decoration Rock Caves, Hideaway for Shrimp Cichlid Hiding Breeding Spawning, Professional Hideout Decor for Territorial Fish (Natural)

  • Safe material: Made of natural, fine and tiny compressed sand, the surface and edges are very flat, absolutely safe for your fish, and it can also filter and purify water. It is suitable for small whistles, snappers need to rest or breed.
  • Pleasing to the eye: This hidden cave creates a visual feast for you and provides a “house” for your fish. Rock caves allow to stop and visit, or hide or hide, to reduce stress and minimize aggression, such as cichlids, but also suitable for betas, wax fish or crustaceans.
  • Easy to stack: The rock cave has a flat roof for stacking, you can bevel in any direction.
  • Size: 1×2 high-quality granite aquarium hiding place; small 3.5×2.6×2 inches (9×6.5×5 cm); large 4.3×3.3×2 inches (11×8.5×5 cm).
  • Please note: Please carefully check the size information marked in the photos and instructions before purchasing. The real product is smaller than your imagination.

7. ALEGI Aquarium Ceramic Decoration Mountain, Cave Rock for Cichlids, Betta Fish Tank (Mountain)

  • The product is ceramic material, not easy to fade, no harm to fish, climbing pet, no pollution, you can rest assured to use.
  • The shape of the cave improves the appearance of the aquatic environment of the aquarium and adds a natural atmosphere.
  • Large hole design, easy to observe, for pet fighting fish or other small fish to hide, rest, play, breeding.
  • Easy to clean, no fade. Do not pollute the environment.
  • Dimension: 4.7” X 3.9” X 2.8” (L * H * W ), Suitable for fish & reptile tank.

8. Texas Holey Rock Natural Limestone Aquarium Decor 15 lbs

  • Filters the Water Naturally Resulting in a Cleaner Tank
  • Provides Nutrients Essential for Healthy Fish
  • Raises and Stabilizes Aquarium Water
  • The Holes and Caves Create a Realistic Aquatic Environment

9. MUNLIT 2 PCS Stackable Aquarium Decoration Rock Caves, Betta Fish Hideout House, Fish Tank Accessories Cave, Hideaway for Shrimp Cichlid Cave Hiding Breeding Spawning

  • 【Natural Aquarium Caves】: The aquarium cave is made of ceramic with the function of filtering water, with very flat and smooth edges,, and definitely very safe for your fish. Imitate the natural stone texture to create a more natural visual effect
  • 【Aquarium Decoration Rocks】: This hideaway cave provide visual feast for you and a “house” for your fish. The rock caves allowed to stop in for a visit or a hideaway to rest or hide reducing stress and minimizing aggression
  • 【Practical Decorations Cave】: The hollow caves not only does this piece compliment the interior décor of many modern homes, it also provide shelter, hiding spots, and spawning, privacy for your fish, like Crayfish, Shrimps, Betta, Cichlid, Hermit Crabs, or other Small fish
  • 【Easy To Clean】: Simply wipe down and rinse off ornament with warm water. Never use soap, as the residual soap particles can harm your fish. It is safe for both freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • 【Two Fish Caves Size】: The small size is 3.27 x 2.64 x 2.16 inch; The large size is 4.33 x 3.15 x 2.16 inch. Provide natural environment feeling, vivid and detailed colors to add lively life to your aquarium

10. Aquarium Decoration Rock Caves Set-Betta Cave Fish Tank Accessories Aquarium Cave Decorations for Shrimp Cichlid Cave Hiding Breeding Spawning Aquarium Hideaway Rocks Artificial Plastic Plant Set (S)

  • 🐠【Safe Material】 The aquarium decorations rock is made of natural clay material calcined at high temperature, environmentally friendly and tasteless. The surface of the hiding cave stones is flat and smooth, which is very safe for fish, and the ceramic escape hole is suitable for the growth of nitrifying bacteria to improve water quality. Can Safe for use in freshwater and saltwater aquarium decor.
  • 🐠【Realistic modeling】 The fish tank hideout cave stone ornaments imitates the texture of natural stone and is close to nature. It creates a natural living environment for the fish, making it easier for the fish to get close to and play with it, and it can be more easily managed with artificial fish tank plants. The good fusion becomes a beautiful landscape in your fish tank.
  • 🐠【Fish’s Holy Land】Fish rock house can not only provide fish and shrimps for playing and breeding, but also a professional hideout, which can reduce stress and minimize the aggression like cichlids. It is an ideal place for crayfish, shrimp, fighting fish, cichlids, hermit crabs or other small fish.
  • 🐠【Easy to clean】 The cave hideout has no extra grooves, which is convenient for cleaning. Just wipe and rinse the decorations with warm water. For the first use, it can be soaked in water for 24 hours before putting aquarium decorations into the fish tank.
  • 🐠【Size】Rock shelter size: 3.54*3.15*3.54 inch, weight: 0.44bl, hole size: 1.9Inch. The package includes a stone cave and 3 artificial plastic plant.

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