Top 10 plants for cherry shrimp [2022]

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1. SunGrow Shrimp Rocks, Provide Magnesium That Enhances Color, Calcium Helps Shedding, for Crayfish, Snails, Crystal red, Amano & Ghost Shrimps

  • FOR OVERALL DEVELOPMENT – Are your shrimps losing color? Do they not look as vibrant as before? Here is your solution – SunGrow Rocks. Our rocks provide the perfect balance for vitality, color and growth, especially for baby shrimps in growing age. They are rich in Calcium that helps shrimp with building stronger shells, and full of Magnesium that is essential for all crustaceans to maintain vibrancy. This product can only be harvested and not made.
  • CALCIUM HELPS SHEDDING – Shrimps add vibrancy to your aquatic life and make great pets for both adults and kids alike. And these white rocks that facilitate shrimp’s longevity. Japanese shrimp breeders have a firm belief in stones and they use them in their breeding facilities. You too can beautify your aquarium with these color and age enhancing rocks by SunGrow. A must-have for shrimps, especially Crystal red shrimps, Amano shrimps and Ghost shrimps.
  • CLEARER WATER – The stones from SunGrow act as an ion exchanger that clears water in the Aquarium. They enrich water with necessary minerals that enable shrimps to live longer. It even stores substances like heavy metals and ammonium for a longer duration.
  • AQUARIUM DECOR – The applications of these Rocks don’t just stop here! You can even make use of them in home furnishing by placing them in all the corners of a square or rectangular mirror. Else, place these on the centre table of your living room in a bowl filled with water along with a few coloured pebbles, marimos and other plants.
  • VALUE PACK – Every pack contains a few pieces of rocks (0.5 inch on an average) surrounded by the rock powder. One pack is enough for a 14 gallon tank and lasts 3 months. So it’s not at all heavy on your pocket. They are small and take very little space. So they are great for your nano tanks too!

2. Imperial Tropicals 6 Sakura Cherry Shrimp – Neocaridina (1/3″-1/2″) + USA Born and Raised!

  • 6+ unsexed juvenile *Sakura Grade* Cherry Shrimp (Neocaridina) 1/3″-1/2″ on average for your freshwater aquarium!
  • Unlike others, Imperial Tropicals shrimp are always USA born and raised! No imports here!
  • The shrimp you receive will be at least approximately 1/3″ – 1/2″ (one third of an inch to one half of an inch) in size.
  • Ideal tankmates for Neocaridina shrimp include other kinds of shrimp, aquatic snails such as Mystery Snails or Nerite Snails.
  • Live Arrival Guarantee! Please read the full description below for details.

3. Red Cherry Shrimp (Grade A) – 10 Pack

  • Red Cherry Shrimp
  • Live Shrimp
  • Shipped via USPS Priority Mail

4. GlasGarten Shrimp Fit

  • for a strengthened immune system
  • reduced loss rates in infections
  • to improve the body’s defenses
  • inactivation of toxins and pathogens

5. Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum, For Fish Tanks, 4.4 lbs., 12693

  • Fluval Stratum is made of mineral rich volcanic soil
  • Stimulates strong aquarium plant growth
  • Promotes neutral to mildly acidic pH
  • Suitable for live plants or shrimp
  • 4.4 lb bag

6. capetsma 2X Crystal Glass Aquatic Plant Pot, Aquarium Aquatic Planter, Red Shrimp Live Plants Fish Tank Glass Holder with 4X Suction Cups for Aquarium Aquascape Decoration…

  • 🌱🌱🌱 This glass aquatic plant holder is made of high quality crystal glass, smooth surface,strong and durable.
  • 🌱🌱🌱 Space-saving and double suction cup design can hang the glass plant pot on the aquarium tank steady, beautiful vertical view in your fish tank.
  • 🌱🌱🌱 Elegant tilted opening enlarged planting area, permeable bottom holes help plants grow healthily.
  • 🌱🌱🌱 2.4 x 2.4 inch for each one, 2 pack can be hanged on one same fish tank wall or separate, great aquarium decoration.
  • 🌱🌱🌱 Perfect to breed Aquatic Plants in freshwater or saltwater aquarium, offer your fishes a dream land to swim and hide ,help them feel safe and also increase human visual interest.

7. Aqueon Shrimp Essentials 4 Fluid Ounces

  • Freshwater shrimp and crayfish need additional nutrients for molting and osmoregulation
  • Replaces minerals and trace elements needed for strong exoskeleton development
  • Suggested to remove chemical filtration, such as carbon, temporarily when dosing
  • Ideal for all freshwater shrimp, crawfish and lobsters
  • Convenient dosage cap is included – Add 5mL (1 tsp) for every 1 gallon of temperature adjusted tap or purified water

8. DreamDealsSG 100 Pieces Tourmaline Balls for Betta Fish Tank Accessories. Mineral Calcium Supplement. Live Shrimp Food, Betta Fish Food, and Crayfish Food. Water Conditioner for Freshwater Shrimp

  • Vibrant health: Just like vitamins, minerals and pH balanced water for humans, your Shrimp, Bettas, Crayfish and Snails also need those things for bright colors, healthy breeding, molting and play! So, when you add DDSG Mineral Balls to your tank you’re giving your fishy friends, the best of health!
  • How do they work? Out in the wild, cherry shrimp, ghost shrimp, amano shrimp, freshwater fish and all other water-lovin’ life are constantly exposed to pH balanced, mineral water from earth’s rocks – with natural bacteria. This is how they molt, breed and maintain healthy vibrancy. Our organic tourmaline is a natural rock with over 30 minerals to keep your tank balanced just like those wild waters.
  • Size and quantity: This is the most cost effective pack you’ve found on your search. Chances are you have at least one 10 gallon fish tank (but commonly 20 gallon tank, or 50 gallon). And because you’ll add one ¼ inch ball per gallon, you’ll need enough for every tank! So this 100 pack makes perfect sense.
  • Copper-free! Of course you may have some nerite snails and other friendly things in your shrimp tank, so you’ll love knowing each tourmaline ball is copper-free! And because they’re natural and pH balanced they keep your aquarium crystal clear, free from impurities, ammonia and hold a stable pH balance. And because they’re so mineral rich, your aquatic plants will get the nutrients they need, too.
  • Calcium-enhanced and more: DDSG Mineral Supplement beads contain 30 minerals including calcium, iron, magnesium, sodium, boron, manganese and more. It’s like a daily dose of Spirulina for our splashy pals! Suited for freshwater aquarium snails, betta tank, freshwater shrimp, live crayfish and goldfish. So, feed them well, keep them clean, and supplement with DDSG Minerals so they can dazzle you for years!

9. Natural Cholla Wood for Aquarium Decoration, Shrimp, Hermit Crab, Chew Toys for Small Pets (4 Inches Long(Pack of 3))

  • Three pieces of Cholla Wood.
  • 100% Natural and Organic.
  • 4 inches long, 0.5 – 1.5 inch diameter.
  • Great for aquarium decorations, mounting plants or moss.
  • Attracts biofilm which is the main food source for shrimp.

10. GlasGarten Shrimp Lollies – 4in1 Power Shrimp Food

  • absolute tasty treat for your Shrimp
  • food powder stays on stick for long time
  • sticks does not pollute the water
  • Content: 8 pieces (2 pcs. per variety: algae, artemia, moringa and walnut)

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